What is a Real-World Achievement System?

Achievement systems originate from online entertainment systems like Microsoft’s XBox Live or Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. The original intention is to keep track of a user’s deeds in the virtual gaming world and to reward her with records in his profile. The "Reward System" transfers this achievement concept into the real word.

What is an Achievement?

In our Reward demo Achievements are rewarded for actions of PerCom attendants. The system recognizes relevant actions and rewards the user with a virtual award. For example, if a person attends every session of the conference he will be awarded with the "Busy Attendant" achievement.

How can I use the Reward-System?

The system uses RFID and 2D barcode techniques for the acquisition of achievements and a web application for presentation. You are given an RFID card at the registration. The card can be used with every RFID reader that is located at the conference area to collect achievements.

How can you obtain an achievement?

To obtain an achievement meet the conditions that are defined on the Reward web site. Depending on the type of achievement, this can be done by e.g., asking questions after a talk, attending sessions of the conference, or collecting 2D barcodes throughout the Mannheim city area.


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